What are fun/interesting/cheap things to do in LA for a week?
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What are fun/interesting/cheap things to do in LA for a week?

I'll be staying in "West Hills" (whatever that is) from the 21st until the 28th and will have a car. It's my first time in LA. The only thing I have so far is the Reagan Library, La Brea Tar Pits and Griffith Park.

I do enjoy TV and pop culture quite a bit, so if there are things like this that can be done on the cheap, I'm up for it. Any cool vineyards?
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venice beach is always interesting IMO.
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Farmer's Market
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The Museum of Television and Radio is free.

The Griffith Observatory
is free, I believe.
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Not sure if studios give tours, but you can check Warner Bros., CBS Television City, Universal Studios, Paramount, MGM, and the others.
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Los Angeles museums.
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I'd like to echo the Museum of Television & Radio, which is super-super cool (basically you can watch about 75% of the TV shows worth watching, ever, including many not available on DVD, etc). Also the Museum of Jurassic Technology.

I would also try to catch a show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. There are many, many different shows, but their signature show is Asssscat, which is Saturday and Sunday nights. Sunday is free, but you have to show up waaaay early. I also can unreservedly recommend Match Game, Comedy Death Ray and MySpace. There are lots of other great shows as well. And they typically cost $5 or in some cases $8. Often they're free.
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The Los Angeles Conservancy runs walking tours downtown that are ten bucks a head and generally really interesting, especially if the weather is good - Oh hey, it's LA, so that's a given! Lunch at Phillipe's or Langer's would be nearby if you're downtown when they're open. You could also head over to Union Station for a quick peak in, and see if there is a tour of the Disney Hall. The Central Library is another neat building (though doesn't take too much time to soak in).

Don't miss the Venice Canals. I usually take visitors to Venice, park by the canals, walk through them to the beach, maybe grab lunch on Abbot Kinney (good pizza at Abbot's, next to Abbot's Habit for coffee), or at The Waterfront, (which is located more on the boardwalk, but it's a good place for a cheap hefeweissen and fries, and people-watching) or up in Santa Monica on Main (really like the sandwiches and sweet potato fries at The Library Alehouse). Many cheap food options sprinkled throughout Venice and Santa Monica. You're more or less over the hill to Malibu where you're staying, so definitely go there. Eat at Malibu Seafood for really good, or Neptune's Net for really fried - Neither are particularly cheap, but they are reasonable and have a great view.

The Getty Museum is free (though parking is $5), but the art is not great. The building is pretty cool.

West Hills is actually not super close to LA proper (by which I mean the intersection of Fairfax and Pico), but you can get to all the West Side (everything above except downtown) attractions pretty easily.
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Check out Goldstar Events (free registration required) for discounted tickets to local events.
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Watts towers (daytime only, please).

A self-guided tour of locations of movies/TV shows you like (e.g., the bars from Swingers, the house on Six Feet Under, and so on). Lots of info on the internet for this kind of stuff.

Gamble house and neighboring area in Pasadena (also, Rose Bowl is nearby), if you're into Arts and Crafts architecture.

Celebrities' graves at Forest Lawn Cemetery.
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The Apple Pan is a fun little burger shop I take visting peeps to. Straight outta the 40s!
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Go one block north and one block west of LaBrea and Hollywood, and hike Runyon Canyon (take a camera).

Take the subway downtown and see the sights: Disney Hall, City Hall, the Central Library, Olvera Street, Little Tokyo...

Go into Griffith Park and see the zoo or the Autry Museum, or just go for a hike.

Or go west to Ventura, Santa Barbara, and the SB Wine Country.

Or go to the Antelope Valley and see the wildflowers.
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oh, and Sat/Sun April 26/27 is the LA Times Festival of Books (at UCLA).
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Westwood Village Memorial Park, the final resting place of Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin, Natalie Wood ... Near Westwood/UCLA.
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