The power of the touch!
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Just bought Ipod Touch....I love it, but sometimes not having internet connection makes most of my widget apps useless. Are there Todo list/grocery list etc type apps that one can use offline?

Or do I have to wait till the devkit is released before any of these types of apps will appear?....and can you list your favorite online/offline apps that really utilize this device...thanks!
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I find the same annoying - your only solution for now is to jailbreak the phone and install native apps such as ShopList through installer. The whole process is pretty easy- you can download the software you need at

Good luck!
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I do love my Touch. And the January update (scroll down to the bit about five new applications), which costs an irritating US$20 extra, but whatever, has a list app that's not wifi dependent. Hitting that link will take you to the itunes store, where you can download (and pay for) those apps. No jailbreaking required.

Lifehacker has some excellent stuff about jailbreaking. I haven't done it, but I'm lazy.
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I got WMWiFiRouter for a Sprint phone (binds Sprint's 3G data service and rebroadcasts it as WiFi). Tested with an Apple phone and the touch - both connect perfectly to the Sprint phone and use it as an access point. For the touch it's especially good as it gets you ~1800/700 broadband wherever you are (assuming you are in a Sprint service area). No worries about locating open WiFi, or their broadcast range. If you go out of Sprint EVDO areas you can still get its "1X" speed to rebroadcast - way slower than EVDO, but still faster than EDGE.
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