Why yes, I **do** fancy a fry-up.
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This mefi post made me hungry. Are there any restaurants in LA that serve a Full English breakfast? I consulted one of my old coworkers who was in town from Ireland for a while, and the closest he got was buying the fixins from the Irish store on Vine and making it himself.
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I'm thinking that English pub on Lincoln, Cock and Bull. I believe I got something like it when watching world cup games at 4am. Not sure how early they usually open though...
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Best answer: Of course you can find a proper English breakfast in Los Angeles! If you're anywhere on the Westside, and feel that Santa Monica isn't too far, I'd suggest checking out the Ye Olde King's Head. It can get pretty busy, but the wait is worth it. There's also an adjacent shop that sells delicious British goods (HP sauce! mmmmm), which is nice when you want to bring something back home with you.

If you're closer to the Valley, I'll suggest my favorite place in LA to grab English breakfast: The Fox & Hound Bar and Grille (here's the yelp review). This place is great both for a proper English breakfast and a nosh in the evening (fantastic fish & chips!)....and on Wednesdays they have a great pub trivia night - where the winning group gets something like $50 in free drinks/food. The barkeeps are really lovely, too. I feel right at home whenever I'm there. Mmmmm, now I'm hungry, too!
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Response by poster: I'm in Koreatown, so I imagine I'll be driving no matter what. My office is in Hollywood, so the Fox & Hound is closest, but I don't make it out to the Westside very often, so maybe those suggestions will be a good excuse to get out there.
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Cat and Fiddle is right by you too.
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Response by poster: Cat and Fiddle is actually the standard after-work pint destination for me, but I don't really think they're very good at food.
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It HAS been a while since I was last there--I've never had the King's Head breakfast, but I thought what I had the last time I was there had gotten mediocre.
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why would you need to go to a speciality store? Eggs, bacon, beans, toast, sausages, butter, surely these things are available in suburban USA?
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Response by poster: Well, the post asks specifically for a restaurant, because I like to go out for big breakfasts on the weekend.

As far as why my Irish coworker went to the specialty store, I'd say that it's probably easier to find big thick rashers of meaty bacon, English sausage, and black and white pudding there than at a suburban grocery store. Sure, you could make the thing with normal bacon and whatever sausage your local store had in stock, but I think it would probably not quite be the right thing - my Irish coworker didn't think so anyway.
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