Identify this sample?
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Calling all electro fans: can anyone identify the track sampled at 1:39 in this Justice concert clip?
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It sounds a lot like something from Goblin, but I don't know which song of theirs it might be.

Ok... so did a google search for Goblin Justice
and the first thing I got was this. They have sampled from Goblin before, so it seems pretty likely that they could have done it again.
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Yeah, sounds like Goblin - is it in this clip from Suspiria?
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sorry, wrong film, Phenomena.

[Justice live show was so great.. I saw them a few weeks ago. also, suddenly wondering if The Knife were much influenced by Goblin.]
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Thanks, that narrows it down a bit. I was aware of Justice's previous sampling of Goblin, but wasn't familiar enough with them to be able to place it. The track in the Phenomena video: close, but not quite. Guess I'll go dig through their discography some more...

(And yeah, Justice is indeed fantastic live; I was at the show in that video. The Knife are on my to-see list... too bad they're on hiatus now.)
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Hmm, I got in touch with an avid Goblin fan who says he doesn't recognize it. He also noted that the sound is somewhat different ("Goblin used Korgs for the most part, this group is using Kurzweil Blem or M-Audio keyboards"), but I'm less compelled by that than the fact that he doesn't recognize the melody.
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