Can't get DVI to HDMI working
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I'm trying to hook up my pc to my tv via DVI -> HDMI but it's not working. What am I doing wrong?

Here are the pertinent facts:
- Windows XP
- nVidia GeForce 6200
- DVI to HDMI adapter and HDMI cable from
- Sony KDF-46E2000 LCD Rear Projection TV

I have the HDMI cable plugged into the video 6 input, and the audio going to the corresponding audio jacks for the HDMI input. I checked the manual, and made sure the video resolution was in the list of supported resolutions on page 85. I've tried 1280x768, 1024x768, etc. Nothing ever displays.

For what it's worth, I never hear any audio either but I thought it might not play the audio unless it also has a video signal. I plugged the audio into one of the composite inputs and verified that it is working, so I think that may be the case.

I'm stumped here. What am I doing wrong?
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Have you verified the HDMI input on the TV with another source? Have you verified your DVI output on the PC?
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Response by poster: Yes I have verified the following:
The video 6 HDMI input jack on the TV works (plugged in DVD player)
The HDMI cable works (tested with DVD player)

I haven't directly verified that a DVI-D signal is being output from the card, as I don't have a monitor handy to test it right now. I do have a VGA adapter hooked up with a vga monitor and that works, but that doesn't necessarily mean the DVI port it outputting the DVI-D signal correctly. I have used a DVI monitor with the card in the past with no problems however.
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Do you have any other HDMI inputs? I ask because if you're plugging in the sound via RCA, the sound should work regardless of video working.
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This week I was shopping for 2 HDTVs for my office, with a requirement that they just work as a display when we plug a macbook pro in. I took my MBP and DVI->HDMI cable to Best Buy, and tried out some 1080P displays.
Every one of them synced to 1080i, which looked lousy.
We then tried DVI->VGA, and they consistently synced perfectly.
There's something about DVI->HDMI that doesn't work in my experience too, but I never found out what it is.... fwiw, my cable is from monoprice too.
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Response by poster: I do have other HDMI inputs and yes the sound is via RCA jacks. There's audio jacks for the video 6 HDMI input specifically for the purpose of plugging in a PC. The audio output from the PC is working fine as tested by plugging them into one of the composite inputs. Like I said earlier, I suspect the tv doesn't output audio from those jacks unless there's a video only signal coming from the HDMI input.
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Have you tried setting your PC to the native resolution of the TV? DVI->HDMI works fine on my TV, the only caveat is that going from DVI->HDMI, your computer can't detect the native resolution.
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Silly question,

Did you switch the output on your laptop to the external monitor (you can do this in the display setup - "extend my desktop to this monitor" under display settings)
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Have you got anything to successfully work under video 6? Can you also try plugging in the DVI->HDMI and RCA audio into another input and see if it changes anything?
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I bet the laptop isn't putting out an actual digital signal. The Geforce 6200 is most likely capable of producing the signal, but it depends on the manufacturer of the video card whether it's hooked up.

Also, go through your video driver settings with a fine toothed comb. Sometimes useful settings are buried.
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