My iPod Touch wants to be a Shuffle.
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My new iPod Touch will not sequence an album in the proper order. I cue an album, push play, and it shuffles randomly from song to song. Any ideas to get me back on track?

Yes, I'm sure it's not in shuffle mode. Yes, I double and triple checked. Yes, I use standard file naming that has worked flawlessly for my iPod Classic and Nano (i.e. 01_songname) and have populated the Track field, too (i.e. 1 of 10). And yup, I've cleared the drive and re-uploaded the files, updated the iTunes and Touch firmware, googled, yahooed, asked other Touch owners and so on to no avail.

I tried living with it for a week, but, you know, Dark Side of the Moon just isn't the same all discombobulated.

Anyone else experienced/fixed this issue?
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I actually noticed my iPod doing this yesterday. This list of questions from Apple's discussion forums may help you out. The first question in particular contained the solution to my problem. If that particular solution doesn't remedy your problem, there are some other threads there that might help.
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Best answer: I guess I should mention that the answer to my problem and others like yours and mine was that the album was in shuffle mode, and the button to turn it off is hidden unless you're viewing the time control bar. Here's one user's description of how to turn it off this way:

When you are on the now playing screen tap on the album artwork and the time control comes up. right? next to it on the right side there is a shuffle icon (two arrows crossing each other) make sure this icon is NOT blue. if it is tap it shuffle will turn off.
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Do the songs show up in the correct order? When you hit FF does it go to the next song or jump?
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Response by poster: ah jeez, I didn't realize the eensy-weensy shuffle icon was clickable. That fixed 'er right up. Thanks inconsequentialist. You, rock.
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