News footage for web video: where can I get it, and for how much?
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News footage for use in a video to be distributed over the web: where can I get it, and for how much?

Anyone have an idea of what the usage costs are for video clips of news footage of the sort used in, for example, this video? (It's Progressive Media USA's "McCain: Out of Touch" video, which juxtaposes clips of Bush and McCain making the same completely head-in-the-sand claims that the economy is sound.)

Just want an estimate of what use of these clips would run, and where a person would go to obtain them.

Apologies if there are previouslys for this -- didn't find any recent questions upon search. Thanks!
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Best answer: Getty Images has a substantial amount of video and a pretty easy-to-understand pay scale.
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Best answer: The cost will depend on what source you use and what rights you need.

Here are some major archives for news footage:
CNN ImageSource
ABC News VideoSource
The BBC Motion Gallery

Another tactic is to figure out the date and location of the event you want, then call a local station and see if they've got it on tape. If so, ask them how they handle licensing and what they charge.

Have you considered calling Progressive Media USA to find out how they went about making their video? They might have some good advice for you.
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Response by poster: Both very helpful answers - thanks.

Hadn't occurred to me to contact the PMUSA guys - good suggestion.
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