Where can I find a modern white desk?
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Where can I find a modern white desk?

I want a white desk. I've been contemplating the Ikea Galant Corner Desk because it's white and L shaped, but ideally I would want something that looked slightly more upscale.

Any ideas? I wouldn't be opposed to buying something unfinished and painting it in white lacquer. So far I've looked at all of the usual places, Pottery Barn, CB2, Crate & Barrel, and West Elm and haven't found anything I liked.
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Is there a Dania near you? They're kind of like a slightly-more-upscale-and-incredibly-less-chaotic IKEA. They may have something that you're looking for, but their website isn't loading for me right now.
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I've always been a fan of Techline -- it's that same prefab flatpack bolt/cam system that IKEA uses, but Techline stuff doesn't seem to fall apart after a couple of moves. I just inherited a Techline desk from my father-in-law that's probably 20 years old and still solid as a rock.
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When I think "modern", I think Design Within Reach (but Not Within Budget). If you see something you like there, you can always try find a knockoff.

Also Room and Board and All Modern.
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