How to batch edit photos? (I need to apply a filter to correct colors)
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Good batch photo editing software for Mac? (I want to apply a tungsten filter to a large batch of digital images)

So I have a lot of indoor photos of items photographed under a tripod, with both compact fluorescent and regular lightbulbs providing light. On the camera I neglected to use any filter to try and get the colors lifelike. I uploaded the photos to view and they all skew orangish. After some experimentation I noticed that the tungsten filter makes the colors much more accurate.

So I have tons of photos that have the wrong colors. Is there any way to apply the same filter to all of the images?

Mac OSX, Canon SD 850 IS.

Thanks (and next time I will check the picture quality before shooting for an hour)
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What program did you originally use to apply the tungsten filter?
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You could try using ImageMagick and this script
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Response by poster: No program- the filter was actually a preset filter that I enabled on the camera.

Will try the ImageMagick and script out now, thanks
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Best answer: Photoshop's built-in Actions do this.
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Seconding a Photoshop Action Script, fairly easy. Also, Aperture.
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Lightroom can do this. Just make the corrections to one image and paste the settings onto the rest.
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Best answer: I'd go with Photoshop's Actions. Very easy to set up and execute.
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GraphicConverter does this very well. Try it for free and if it works, send him the $40.

That said, I wouldn't be surprised if you could get ImageMagick to do it as well. We use that a lot around here, I just don't tend to recommend it to people who don't normally haunt the scary underpinnings of Unix variants.
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Best answer: Photoshop's actions definitely.
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