Hey, remember crazy mannequin shows from the 80's?
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Here's a semi-tough one (at least, I think). TV show from the 80's, had at least one character that was a mannequin who would come to life after you placed his cabbie-hat on him...

I remember him being in a department store at the top of an escalator, something to that effect. There was also an episode in which a live character was home sick and he brought her chicken soup, I think. There was also a computer and an owl. Damned if I don't sound crazy.

This one has been bugging me and my lady all day, to the extent that I passed up my chance this week to ask an anonymous Q that's been bothering me... impulsive, I know, but necessary.

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Best answer: Sounds like Today's Special
posted by disaster77 at 9:56 PM on April 16, 2008

Best answer: Shout it loud and clear! TODAY'S SPECIAL!
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Response by poster: Good lord! That was exceptionally fast. Thank you.
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Yep, from Nickelodeon. Also, found it be googling 'sitcom mannequin hat.'
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Response by poster: Well then I bow to your googling abilities. But that first wikipedia link mentions the Nickelodeon syndication and that's when I knew it to be true, then of course I hit the picture of the cast and a whole lot of my psychotic childhood made sense.
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i would like to add: Hocus Pocus Alimagocus!
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Today's Special!
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I remembered this show, but I forgot the name until disaster77 and good in a vacuum.
Ah, the memories. The rhyming mouse traumitized me more than the singing & dancing mannequin ever did.

And why don't computers talk? My childhood promised me talking computers...
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Yep, from Nickelodeon.

It was produced by and for TV Ontario, with Nickelodeon acquiring USA distribution.
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Damn... I had totally forgotten about that show, thanks for reminding me! I used to love it, and watched it faithfully.
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Holy crap! I remembered watching this show, but really nothing about it. I tried to describe it to my mom a few years ago, in hopes that she would remember what it was, and she told me (in so many words) that I was crazy.

Thanks for asking the question!
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