Affordable BPD treatment in NYC?
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I need to find affordable or sliding-scale treatment for someone with Borderline Personality Disorder in New York City, ideally Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

I'm currently in a relationship with someone likely suffering from BPD, and the effects this has on her behavior are beginning to take a serious toll on our relationship and on my own psyche.

She has likely been diagnosed with BPD in the past, but would probably need to be re-diagnosed at this time as it has been many years since she was last treated.

She doesn't make very much money, as she's a graduate student working only part time, and I can't afford to help her with any medical expenses as I'm in a similar position. I doubt she could afford much more than $30 a session, and $15 would be idea.

I know its a long shot, but I figured its worth a try.
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Though I can't recommend anything with specific reference to DBT (the Albert Ellis Institute might be sliding scale, and they're bound to have at least one DBT practicioner), St. John's University's Center for Psychological Services in Jamaica, Queens offers excellent sliding-scale therapy. I would recommend having your girlfriend call to set up an appointment (718-990-1900), and make sure to specify that she'd like to see someone with a cognitive behavioral therapy orientation.
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