How can I implement an s-curve function in excel?
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How can I implement an s-curve function in excel?

I have some programming experience, but my maths is crap.
I want a generic function to use to to effect a smooth transition between two numbers. Asigmoid funtion seem useful.

I have read throught these pages :

But my poor math skills stop me from implementing it.
I do not understand how to transfer the equations I see in to code, or excel.

Much of the problem is I can't properly read and understand the notation used in math functions.
I did ask in an IRC math channel, but several people laughed.

If someone could show me how to implement the sigmoid function in excel, it would help me learn.

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I set up two columns, seems to work:
1 -6 | =1/(1+EXP(-A2))
2 -5 | =1/(1+EXP(-A3))
(Fill down)
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Oops, let's try that again

1 -6 =1/(1+EXP(-A1))
2 -5 (fill down)
3 -4
4 -3
5 -2
6 -1
7 0
8 1

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Depending on what you need to use it for, I would suggest a hermite curve interpolation instead of using the sigmoid (although that would work too).

I guess you do it in Excel something like


Where A4 has a, B4 has b, and C4 has t.

Then you would be interpolating smoothly from a to b as t went from 0 to 1.

The thing you have to watch out for with the sigmoid is that it doesn't go from 0 to 1, so it could be harder to work with.
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There is a spline macro that does this nicely. It's free, give it a try.
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You can see the curve of the cubic equation that my earlier formula is using (-2t^3 + 3t^2) here.

What do you need the smoothing for?
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Open the macro editor (Alt-F11), insert a new module, add paste the following code:
Function sigmoid(t)
sigmoid = 1 / (1 + Exp(-t))
End Function

Now you can use your new function in your excelsheet, like so:
I use this trick all the time, if in-cell formulas get too complex. Good luck!
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