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I show movies to assisted living residents at a retirement community. Movies over 90 minutes tend to be too long. I need a list of quality movies (made before 1970) that are 90 minutes long or less. Any suggestions of movies or where to find such a list?
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IMDB is a good place to start, they usually list the length of all the movies in the database.
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I did a google search for "movies under 90 minutes" and this Amazon list seems to fit the bill.
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You might want to check the National Film Registry. Their website lists "great" American films chronologically, and you can find their lengths at IMDB, as ISTBAV suggested, or on Wikipedia. I notice that The Thin Man comes in at 93 minutes, and I recall its sequels being pretty short, too.
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Also, Sullivan's Travels clocks in at 90 minutes.
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Infovis to the rescue! You need Filmfinder (video here... Hilarious by today's standards but this shit was state of the art in 1995).

Info on the system in academic-ese: FilmFinder allows users to explore a large film database. By applying the dynamic queries approach to filtering information, a continuous starfield display of the films, and tight coupling among the components of the display, the FilmFinder environment encourages incremental and exploratory search.
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Many classic animated films clock-in well under 90 minutes. Dumbo, for instance, is a mere 64 minutes lone. Bambi, 70 minutes.
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What about having an intermission for longer movies?
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Death Wish was ~90 mins but made in 1974 but that should get their blood pumpin
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Okay. It's 92 minutes long, and made in 2002, so I don't know if this would work. But it's an awesome, awesome movie, and if your residents have a sense of humor, this would be the best showing ever:

Bubba Ho-Tep.

You know you want to.
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God, showing Bubba Ho-Tep to a room full of people with early dementia. I'd probably get my name in the paper.
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Seconding classic animation... The Jungle Book, The Aristocats, Lady and the Tramp are all under 90 minutes. Also, Disney puts out DVD collections of their classic animated shorts... these are wonderful cartoons and NOT just for kids... many of the seniors may remember and enjoy them.
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Airplane is from 1980 and runs 88 minutes. Who doesn't love Airplane?!
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You could get shorts, and show two or three 20-minute movies.
Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy, Marx Bros, etc.

You could also get nature and travel TV documentaries on DVD, most of which would be around 50 minutes.
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Nature documentaries would be a good choice... Tons of National Geographic specials are available, and are usually 1 hour.

You might also do well with things in PBS' Mystery series. . . Miss Marple, Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, etc.

Lots of classic oldies are pretty short, especially comedies.

Lavender Hill Mob 81m
The Man in the White Suit 85m
The Ladykillers 91m

Original British version, of course...
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just curious, why before 1970? is there some law about group viewing, or is it because that's when the residents were in their prime?
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Harvey is 105 minutes - is that pushing it?
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