How do I extend the range of my router
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I live next door to my Girlfriend and she has an Airport Extreme connected to cable internet access. The WiFi signal is weak next door. Is there a way to connect another wireless router as a range extender?
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Linksys WRT54G as wireless bridge. Another tutuorial here.
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Airport Express does this quite well.
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Doesn't get any easier than airport express. the software will ask you if you want to set up a new network or extend an existing one. It walks you through everything step by step.
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You can also add a bigger, studlier external antenna to the existing AirPort Extreme. I did this to make my WiFi network more than a single-floor enterprise.

It's probably the cheapest option.
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The only AirPort Extremes which have an external antenna connector are the previous (UFO) type.

The new n-capable/gigabit models don't have an external antenna.
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