correct pronunciation of "Pogge"
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How do I pronounce POGGE? in Thomas Winfried Menko Pogge.

I've heard various versions. Which is correct?
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I don't know if he's from the same family of "Pogge" as the hockey player Justin Pogge, but the official NHL pronunciation guide for the media says that Pogge is pronounced "POH-gee."
posted by amyms at 1:39 AM on April 16, 2008

Best answer: In this case the pronunciation is pog-uh. Somewhat like 'frogger' but with no 'r' sound.
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Just chiming in to support le morte de bea arthur's version since the guy is German.
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Thirded. Although I'd make the O a bit longer. Almost (but not quite) like Polka with a G.
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I usually hear the version amyms gave. And he makes lots more sense than does Rawls on global justice. :-)
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Yeah, I've always heard POH-gee, with soft "g" like "gee whiz", not hard "g" like "got".
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DAMMIT - NO. That's backwards from what I meant to say. Ignore previous comment. Here is the real comment:

Yeah, from political philosophers I've always heard POH-gee, with a hard "g" like "got", not a soft "g" like "gee whiz". It almost sounds like "pokey". There is a video linked from Pogge's own website where he is introduced this way.
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direct link to the video
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also speculation, since I don't know him personally, but many who call him a friend say poh-guh. I'm thinking specifically of Matthias Risse, David Reidy, and Kok-Chor Tan, who all mostly call him Thomas but retreat to Poh-guh in some public settings.
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