Experience With Ordinator
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Does anyone else have experience with a drug called "Ordinator"?

Back in the late 1980's I became interested in the so-called "Smart drugs". I had read a book that included an address to a mail-order outfit in the UK called "Interlab". I ordered a number of these products, and none of them did anything for me except a drug called "Ordinator". The generic name for this drug is Fenozolone.

I felt that it did indeed enhance my concentration and thinking ability, but over time I've become more skeptical, and I have to wonder if I was simply adding wishful thinking to a mild euphoria.

Frankly back then I was something of an Ordinator proselyte, and would offer it to friends of mine. Curiously, other people had a very hit-or-miss reaction, unlike me.

Eventually I got a letter from Interlab saying that Ordinator was no longer available, but that they were substituting something that was equally as good. The new stuff did nothing for me, and I eventually lost interest in the whole genre.

Being that this all took place before the World Wide Web as we know it, I had no way of asking a wider audience if anyone had a similar experience.

So, did anyone else use this drug?
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I couldn't find anything about it in UpToDate but Micromedex Healthcare Series has this information -
Fenozolone is a central stimulant and indirect-acting sympathomimetic that has been used in the treatment of symptoms of mental function impairment.
Fenozolone may be restricted in certain sports, as it is considered to be a member of a prohibited group (S6-1c; SS-1; Stimulants); competitors should check with the appropriate sports authorities.

MHS further notes that this drug is discontinued or no longer actively marketed

Sounds like a fun one.
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If it's related to pemoline, as the WP article says it is, and as the chemical structure seems to bear out, it's an amphetamine-like compound. These compounds do improve performance on a wide variety of cognitive tasks, but used long-term they cause all kinds of problems.
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