False Teeth in Chicago?
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Looking for a good place to get dentures/implants/false teeth in Chicago.

I have terrible, terrible teeth. "Summer Teeth" some have called them, 'cause some are there and some ain't. It's the usual combination of genetics (my mom has had dentures since age 16), poor hygiene, poverty, and just plain bad luck (I once broke a newly-emerged wisdom tooth on a curly fry!).

For the first time in my life, I have a job with medical and dental benefits (BCBS is taking over the account in a couple months, if that matters). I'd like to find a place in Chicago to get my mouth fixed up. Location is important (I'm in Logan Square), as are hours (afternoons and weekends are best; I work nights), and good attitude (I do not want to be judged, just helped).

Any suggestions?
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There's a corridor of dentists on North Ave on the border between Wicker Park and Bucktown, but I've had mixed luck with them. One of them tried to patch a chipped tooth twice, and it failed both times.

Both my girlfriend and I swear by Christina Kromkowski, she has an office in the Sears tower. She managed to figure out why the bond kept breaking (lower tooth was rubbing) as well as do some pretty major work on my gf.
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