How to move iTunes library to new PC?
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How do I move my iTunes library from my old PC to my new PC? I listen on my iPhone, not an iPod, which I understand does not function in disk mode. I've searched other answers and can't find one that addresses these particular issues, plus the Apple website claims iTunes version 7.0 "fixes" this problem which really makes me nervous. Thanks!
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Personally... I've just always gone into my "C:\Documents and Settings\%your_username_here%\My Documents\My Music" folder and copied the "Itunes" subfolder over to the exact same spot on the new PC. (make sure iTunes/Quicktime is installed (but not running) before you copy the folder over). Works pretty well most of the time, but doesnt preserve your playlists, and some other library data.

If you're scared to try that, there are plenty of results via teh almighty Google.
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You don't even need to copy to the exact same location. You can copy the files from original PC and move them to new, fire up iTunes on the new PC, and add the folder. It'll rebuild the library, and should sync normally to any iPod from that point on.
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This set of directions should be thorough enough, although it is a couple of years out of date.
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Find your iTunes library file (not sure where it is on the PC's been a while) and do what jmnugent said, then import the library file into the new iTunes. Data copied.
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Just a note: the problems with the methods aside from the one I linked to are:

If there are any files not in that folder, you'll lose them. That's why the there's a 'consolidate' step.

Only song data will be preserved, library data will all be lost (playlists, playcounts, ratings.)

The 'import' step it a problem, because it will import it as new, and you will lose some things (albeit unimportant things, like 'date added').

If you want to get everything exactly as it was, use the ones I linked.
Not trying to be a jerk, it's just that it's the only complete set of proper instructions included.
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(uh, included = posted)
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mhz has it. I just went through this myself -- moved the entire iTunes directory to a new drive, only to find that the iTunes library data was totally lost. I followed these directions and then everything went off without a hitch. This article explains what the iTunes library files are.
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