How do I find a companies Fed Tax ID online?
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How to find a company's Federal Tax ID # (in a hurry!)

I went to click "finish" on the ol' turbotax and realized I hadn't entered the info for a 1099-MISC from a company (ABC Networks, Disney). I (still can't believe I) somehow lost the tax receipt since filling out all the other info and now I'm screwed. Please help (if possible/legal). Also, if this isn't possible, is it advisable to file without the number?

PS I know how stupid this is.
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Best answer: Try the sites listed here?
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Before panicking too much.... Do you know anyone else who would have gotten a 1099-Misc from them, a co-worker or associate you could e-mail?
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Response by poster: @Admiral Haddock: Whew! The sites were all out of date and had become ad-farms, BUT the poster does mention SEC filings! I found it! Disney does own ABC right?
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Best answer: You don't need it. 1099s are not filed with your return. Just make sure that you actually claim the income.
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Response by poster: @ Lame-username: Oh. I feel quite dumb now. TurboTax seems to want it rather badly, but as long as I'm honest about it, the IRS doesn't care if I don't have all the details? Wow, weight off my shoulders.
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Just for further reference, most companies are used to being asked for their Taxpayer ID number - you can just call them and they will give it to you.
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