Where can I apply for online writing jobs?
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I know there are paying content writing jobs on the internet because I've done some commissioned articles for eHow.com and I've applied to about.com. I'd love to find more sites like these to apply to, but it's tough, because searching for "online writing jobs" generally yields a bunch of spammy pyramid schemes and so on.

I would prefer part-time jobs, then freelance, then full time, but really I would consider any paid writing jobs, especially if they're not too incredibly competitive -- I'm a competent content writer and I have a few published clips, but that's about it.

I'll check out anything, but I'm most interested in anything that anyone can recommend from firsthand experience.
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Good jobs are available on the ProBlogger Job Board. I got an OK blogging position there.
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My landlady makes a pretty decent income from freelance online writing jobs. She finds jobs on Craigslist, although I understand that this involves wading through a bit of spam to find the legitimate offers. Having a webpage with writing samples has helped her get a lot of these jobs.

She also has an ongoing job with Bzzagent.com, something about composing personalized emails to the website's membership base. It pays about $10/hr.

You might not feel comfortable with this one, but she also writes for a website which sells essays to college students. I'm not sure what the name of that site was but I can find out if you like.
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I started as a freelance writer more than a decade ago. I didn't have much work experience. I didn't have much trouble charging $35 an hour -- that would be around $50/hr now. I put the word out that I was looking for work and I started networking. I also built a website. I started getting a lot of word of mouth business. Eventually, I grew this into a consulting business. Just about all my work comes from word of mouth or web traffic. I run a blog on starting a consulting business, but it would still be relevant for you. You could also get Secrets of a Freelance Writer by Bob Bly -- it helped me a lot when I was starting out. Suite101 also has a good program for *newer* writers. (I say newer because I tried it out and quit because of the pay.) One of my subcontractors/friends is an editor there. She's very established as a publications editor, which suggests to me that the editors there would make good mentors.
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Journalism Jobs led to my first paid online writing gig.
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The author mostly compiles postings from Craigslist, which saves you the hassle of having to look yourself.
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