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Where should I take my sister for a nice weekday lunch in New York City?

I want to take my little sister to lunch for her birthday this Thursday, but most of the restaurants I've really been wanting to try are dinner only. I'm much less familiar with good lunch spots. I want it to be something very tasty and reasonably trendy/cool/nice/whatever - it's for her birthday, so it ought to have some specialness. I'd spend up to $60-70, but probably not much more. She's too young to drink, so that's not any issue. I'm interested in all sorts of food except Italian.

As for area, let's say below ~23rd St. in Manhattan, or perhaps somewhere in Brooklyn (though reasonably easily accessible as I need to get back uptown not too long after lunch).
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Prune - 54 East 1st
Sobaya - 229 East 9th

Also, if you go to Menupages you can search by neighborhood. Here is the list for the West Village and East Village. I would suggest checking the comments made on Menupages with the ones on Yelp. But I'm a huge fan of Prune and Sobaya.
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If you don't mind going to Columbus Circle, Jean Georges is super-fancy and has a very reasonable lunch ($28 for two plates).
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Prune, for sure. It's amazing.

Alternatively, try Snack. It's my favorite lunch spot in New York.
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I think Balthazar is a good suggestion if you want a cool celebrity sighting; I've never gone there and not seen a celebrity of some sort. Prune probably has better food, though. Definitely get reservations if you decide to do Balthazar.
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I love Florent. Plus, it's closing forever this summer, better hurry and go.
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Momofuku Ssam Bar on 2nd Av @ 13th St is delicious and interesting.
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I hosted a group for lunch last Dec. at
Le Pain Quotidien, in Union Square
38 East 19th Street (inside ABC Carpet and Home store)
Tel.: 212 673 7900

It was very good. Long communal tables (Euro-nostalgia, which is not an evil thing). Excellent service; nice breads and condiments on the table, decent wines. Prices moderate (not cheap by any means). The ABC store, by the way, is a trip. You can spend at least 30-45 min. walking around in it, looking at extremely fine wares and gifts, etc.

See website I'm not sure if the menu for this store (they are a chain) is findable.
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Bread Tribeca is a favorite of mine. The interior is very nice & they have a fabulous burger.

Another favorite, Jule's Bistro.

Hope your sister & you have a wonderful time wherever you go.
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Tabla is offering a lunch special.
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Bouley has fantastic deals on their lunch tasting menus.
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Fleur de Sel at 20th St offers a three course lunch at $29.
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Tamarind does lunch.
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Jean-Georges has a great $28 tasting menu for lunch, and is one of the best fine-dining bargains in the city.
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Bouchon Bakery inside the Time Warner center has great sandwiches and the pastries and cookies are fantastic as well. I'll third Prune as well.
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