Must find song from Walkman demo!
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Where can I find a digitial version (i.e., MP3) of the "Jungle Strut" song that was on Side A of the demo tape that came with Sony Walkmans when you bought them?
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Is it either of the "jungle strut"s listed on
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Response by poster: No, but thank you for the suggestion. The one I am seeking is not the better known jazz song, but rather a overly-synthetic dance song. If only I hadn't taped over my demo cassette all those years ago!
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This page says it was recorded by The Square (later T-Square), on Sony Records (might actually be Sony Music Entertainment Japan?).
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I'd love to find that too, but I'd especially love to find the flip side, which I think was called "Love that Feelin'" Horns, strings, disco bass all panned hard left and right to underscore the awesomeness of the Walkman personal STEREO. Thanks for the memories and good luck.
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Is it any of these?
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Response by poster: No, but thanks for the tip.
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