Haggadah recommendations?
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Got any Haggadah recommendations? I'm looking for something that non-Jews can easily follow and participate with.
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Care to give any more specifics?

Are you leaning traditional, non-traditional, Reform, feminist-friendly, what?
There's a bajillion of those things out there. It sounds like your minimum criteria are transliteration and translations provided for all Hebrew, and some English readings.
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I'm leaning toward the more traditional (cultural as opposed to religious), though I'd really like if there were some contextual discussion of modern/non-traditional interpretations and practices.
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I've got a lot of seder experience for someone who's not Jewish, and I like the Open Door [free PDF; hard copies available from the publisher]. This is the one that my gf and I use. There are related quotes and readings from all sorts of traditions, Jewish and non, plus lots of side notes that explain what's going on. All of the Hebrew is available in transliteration as well as translation.

All this extra content makes it really quite long. You'll probably want to go through and pick out which readings you want to focus on in advance, otherwise your seder might take the whole week.
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Seconding. It does sound like the Open Door is a good bet for what you're wanting then!
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'The New Model Seder' is a good choice for a quick and accessible traditional seder.
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I like A Different Night.
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The Open Door Haggadah looks great thanks!

Does anyone know where it's possible to purchase one in-person in NYC? I assume the CCAR doesn't have a store.
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My favorites are A Different Night, and the more recent publication by Noam and Mishael Zion, A Night To Remember. They're both TERRIFIC, and are extremely user-friendly (particularly for non-Jews or non-observant Jews). Everything Hebrew is translated and transliterated, and there's tons of great creative stuff to use for guests of all ages and all backgrounds. Just bear in mind that both of these haggadot are designed for picking-and-choosing: do NOT expect to read the whole thing cover-to-cover!

Good luck, and a zissen Pesach!
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In NYC, I'd call West Side Judaica and the Jewish Museum store, both of which carry an extensive selection of haggadahs, and ask if they have it in stock. You could also go browse and see if any other choices appeal to you.
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We went with the Open Door Hagaddah, which was great- thanks for the advice, everyone!
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