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FirefoxFilter: How can I use keyboard shortcuts in rich text boxes?

I use a CMS at work, and when I click into the rich text box to edit text, I'd like to be able to use keybard shortcuts for font styling (bold, italic, and underline...nothing too fancy). Is the even possible, through a FF extension or other trick?
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I just did a brief search and didn't get the exact thing you describe. But there is some good stuff out there: "Xinha here", for example, throws up a wysiwyg text editor whenever you select the option on a text field. Here's another that does the same, called "Write Area". Type your contents out the way you would in Word or whatever, and it apparently will paste it into the text field as raw html.

The only drawback I can see is that you mentioned Rich Text, not HTML. I'm not sure if you mean the old rtf format that wordpad etc uses, or if you just meant bold, italics and the rest that html itself gives.

Search for 'editor' on, in case these two don't exactly fit your needs.
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I was actually just thinking about adding some keyboard shortcuts to a current project. This is generally done in javascript. I came across this set of instructions. I am not familiar with Greasemonkey, but this could easily be incorporated into any page with a text box. Pressing something like CTRL + B would add 60;b62; 60;/b62; and throw the cursor in the middle, or take any highlighted text and surround it with bold tags. Same goes for italics and underline.

I am sure there is somebody who will pop in and knows how to throw that script together in GM within 5 minutes. If not, I will take a stab at it.
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60;b62; 60;/b62; looked fine in live preview. Let's try somethign else.. & lt; b & gt; (no spaces).

<b> </b>

(Preview) Yep, that works..
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