Help me find screws to fit a Macbook Pro.
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How can I find screws for a Macbook Pro 15" (or even part numbers)?

In light of some recent problems I've been having with an unstable Macbook Pro (right around finals, great), I took advantage of a really good deal I was offered on a used Macbook Pro 15". The computer is out of warranty, and in any case, it seems that at least two different types of screws are missing from it. The machine works fine and I plan to give it to my dad in a few weeks, but I'd like to replace the screws. The hard drive in the machine was upgraded, and I assume the missing screws were lost somewhere in the process by whoever did the upgrade (seriously, don't take apart a Mac without using ice cube trays to sort the screws).

Anyone have any ideas where I might locate these? eBay and iFixit both have screw sets sometimes, but not right now, and who knows when more will show up.

How might I at least locate the part numbers for various Macbook Pro screws? I know they exist as service parts, and I have a few sources who might be able to get me Apple service parts - once I have the P/N.

I can locate the exact measurements of the screws (e.g. I know one of them is a 2.15 mm Phillips screw) but that doesn't seem to be enough to find them anywhere.
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which screws are you missing? mefi mail me and I can get those part numbers.
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Once you know what you need, Small Parts has a lot of fasteners, including screws. Also, McMaster-Carr has a ton of interesting and hard-to-find stuff, including fasteners.
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Macbook Pro Service Manual (pdf)

Doesn't seem to list the screws, but service manuals are handy in any case.
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