Candied chickpeas in the Bay Area?
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Where to get candied chickpeas in the San Francisco Bay Area?

Some time ago I was completely blown away by some sugared/candied chickpeas which (I'm told) had been purchased at a Middle-Eastern market in New York. They're pastel and sugar coated a la Jordan Almonds and are just as delicious without breaking your teeth. I've been in and out of a few Middle-Eastern places around town without luck, and the only brick-and-mortar store I can find on Google or Yelp is in Boston. (For what it's worth, there are a few places that seem to sell them online but they all seem to be kind of sketchy and/or overseas. And I'd love to be able to walk in to a local shop to pick some up.)
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My god, that sounds awesome.

My kids are addicted to savory roasted chickpeas, which I make by tossing them with olive oil, herbs and salt and then roasting until they're crunchy-chewy. I will eagerly await a way that I can get sugary chickpeas into their gullets.
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Well, for online purchases, Kalustyan's has them. I've never had a problem ordering from them.
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I haven't had candied chick peas, but a quick web search turns up companies that manufacture in Turkey and Lebanon. I would bet good money that if you called or stopped at Habibi's restaurant in Fremont, the owner Samir would know where to find them. He's kind of a font of knowledge for all things Lebanese.
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If you're worried about sketchy, Kalustyan's isn't; they regularly win or place in the tasting ratings in Cook's Illustrated and are one of that magazine's trusted vendors. They don't mess around with crummy websites.
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They call them garbanzo beans out here. I get a lot of weird looks when I say chickpeas. Hope that will help your search.
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Response by poster: A belated thanks to everyone. If I ever get out to Richmond I may take up your advice, BrotherCaine.

I looked into ordering them on Kalustyan's as suggested but I couldn't justify paying $6 shipping on a $6 bag of candy. But a friend in New York was able to pick them up there, and will be bringing them next week when he visits. Thanks!
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