Mummies in the ventilation ducts? Yeah, we're boned
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Please help me figure out the titles of two movies that freaked me out as a child, one involving a space expedition and one involving a mummy.

I'll recite all I remember from these two films in hopes someone can I identify them.

Movie Number One: Archaeologists (or similar) find sarcophagus, which has a hidden container containg emerald-looking stones. One loots the stones and another later ends up having to dip his arm in a surgical tray full of a liquid that looks like urine in an attempt to fix some other mummy-related malaise. Said mummy later chases a woman through what I think was a library, following her into some HVAC ducts and possibly ripping them out of the ceiling.

Movie Number Two: Raggedy bunch of teenagers on some sort of vehicle in space with limited water and/or fuel supplies are riding the razor's edge on making it back to a planet or space station in time. One of them deliberately contaminates the water supply by adding some sort of lubricant or fuel or something else inky black and billowing to a clear container of clear liquid. There was a scene in which several characters were gathered together gazing out into space at something; the scene had a distinctly Hook-like feel to it for some reason.

Disclaimer: At least one of these was watched while I was running a high fever, so some freaky associated dreams may be altering my memory of the movies' events. Thank you very much in advance for the help - I think Ask MeFi is basically the only place I would consider asking a question like the above and expect to get a response.
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I barely remember the movie at all, but #2 might be SpaceCamp.
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have never seen Space Camp, but the second film sounds a bit like various descriptions I have heard of it.
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About what year did you see these movies?
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Best answer: Number One might be Time Walker, one of Shari Belafonte's best films. It has the jewels, but for some reason I can't remember the rest very well.
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#2 could be SpaceCamp, except for the "contaminating the water supply" scene. There was nothing like that in the movie. They start running low on air and have to resupply at the space station, but there's no scene of anything inky black billowing into clear water. I've seen it like a million times.
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Best answer: The first one is indeed Time Walker, aka Being From Another Planet. It was used for an episode of MST3K, and includes mummies, emerald-looking stones and a spooooooky boiler room.
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Hoh, man; I've been trying to remember what horrible alien/mummy movie I watched when I was a kid - and Time Walker's it.

Thanks for asking this question!
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Response by poster: I looked on youtube and found a clip from Time Walker, and that's definitely it. Thanks. I'm not sure what the space mission movie is and I don't think it was Space Camp. I remember the theme of the movie being much more desparate and some of the characters cracking under the psychological strain of the mission or maybe some other malign influence. The scene with the black, cloudy liquid added to the clear liquid was definitely in that movie.
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not Space Camp. The big scene in that (besides accidently getting launched into space) was running out of oxygen and trying to make a re-entry window with the teacher stuck outside on a spacewalk......why do i remember that?

Other "space" movies for kids around the same time: The Explorers and Flight of the Navigator, but it doesn't sound like either one of those.
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