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As a nontraditional student, I have had to deal with alot of things including trying to get the same exemptions as standard students. Recently, the college I am attending pointed out to me that I still needed to take English 101. HA! 2 previous schools ( I transfered to this one ) have allowed me to skip it due to excellent SAT Scores. The current college allows for an exemption if you scored a 680 on the verbal ( pre-split SAT ) ... I scored a 670 in 1994! In 1996 the SAT was recentered and scores adjusted. I can NOT seem to find an official conversion chart.... my google skills have failed me. Can you find one?

I did find this: and while it does do what I want, it is not official. has a reference at the bottom:

"The third is that the SAT scoring was "recentered" with the 1996 scores so the apparent jump in most scores is misinformation. On the College Board web page is the concordance table for translating old scores into the recentered ones and that was used to convert the 1992 results into a form comparable with those of 1996."

I can not seem to find this form... or anything on the college board site that mentions the 1996 center.

Even a conversion chart from another college would probably give me the ammunition I need for this fight.... please help me skip sitting in english 101... I've had enough classes where I was older then every student.

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Why don't you give the College Board a call, or email? I remember having seen an official conversion chart in my salad days. (When I was green.)
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Best answer: I think this is the chart you're looking for.
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Response by poster: Thanks Partial Law, you found it!
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