How can I get inline images to show in Outlook 2007 incoming emails, globally?
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How can I make it so I can see inline images that arrive with incoming emails, globally, in Outlook 2007?

This is not a "view as HTML" or not issue. It also appears to be something that occurs in some peoples' Outlook 2007 clients, that are then not easily fixable. We have checked out all the 'checkable' security-type options, and discovered the only way to view an inline image that arrives in an email is by opening the email, clicking the 'Office Button', then choosing Advanced - > Display Email Content - > "Show picture placeholders." Doing so allows the inline pix to be seen! but ONLY for that one email. There does not appear to be a way to affect this globally for every incoming email.

I have found a couple hits on Google where people reference a registry key that is something like changing a 0 to 1 value for "BlockHttpPictures", but I really don't think that is the case here, since we're not talking about arriving HTML. Either way, on no machine can we seem to find this key, so it's moot.
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Fiddling with Outlook, there is a Trust Center menu option under "Tools".

Under Automatic Download, there is a note with 6 check boxes

You can control whether Outlook automatically downloads and displays pictures when you open an HTML e-mail message...."

I haven't tested it, but it sounds like what you are looking for.
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Yep. Done it. No go!

Thx, tho.
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