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Mom is the proprietress of an educational toy/gift store. She's got extra space in the back that she is thinking about using to host kids' birthday parties/events (music/art/crafts). Help her come up with a name for the new offering. Desired words/sound of name includes "gallery", "cafe", or "studio". Other themes include kids, toys, particularly trains (the logo of her store is a train) and the color blue. No suggestions with incorrect spellings like "Kidz Kafe" please (it is an educational toy store after all) but puns and other wordplay are encouraged.

Suggestions so far include:

Animation Station (Animations is the name of the store)
The Blue Caboose (although I think this sounds a little inappropriate)

Thanks in advance!
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Periwinkle Junction
Doodlebug Playspace
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Brain Station
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I like the idea of a laboratory somehow - like the parties are discovering things and uncovering - it's in line with education:
Play Lab
Fun Lab
Explorer's Studio
Discovery Corner
Brain Blast

On the train theme, I like the idea of a stop along the way, or the destination, One ticket to:
Play Junction
Mind Junction
Explorer's Junction
Discovery Junction
Discovery Pass
Horizon Corner
Discovery Corner
Exploration Grove
Funtime Cavern
Brainstorm Station
Brainstorm Cove
Blue Sky Junction
Idea Corner
Idea Avenue
Playville Station
Brainville Station
Brain Boulevard
Idea Avenue
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