Wii workout!
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Which Wii games require the most physical activity?

Just got a Wii, and spent the better part of Saturday afternoon playing Wii sports. And was pleasantly surprised to learn what a good workout it can be, particularly if you really throw yourself into boxing and tennis, jump around, swing hard, etc.

So, what other Wii games require/benefit from a really high level of physical activity? DDR is an obvious choice that I'm probably gonna buy today ... but what other ones call for lots of energy and movement?
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Best answer: The upcoming Wii Fit would seem to imply a certain measure of calisthenic activity. Here's a preview
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Wii Fit. Don't think it's been released outside of Japan yet but it's selling like gangbusters.
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Third vote for Wii Fit. Most other games require some movement for control input but not nearly as much as Wii Sports.
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Wii Guitar Hero?
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Mario and Sonic Olympics has some games where you have the opportunity to move around a bit, but it's definitely not as intense as boxing in Wii Sports...
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Thanks for posting this question - I'm half considering cancelling the gym membership we never seem to get to use and getting one of these. I like working out, but find it hard to get the two plus hours together it takes to get 30 mins of workout time (driving to the gym, getting changed, getting a machine etc). Plus I don't half wonder if all the colds I've had in the last year have been coming from there, in spite of my efforts to use the washdown cloths etc.

Anyone else using it for fitness purposes?
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Best answer: Wario Ware: Smooth Moves is in the neighborhood of what you're looking for, once you unlock the higher difficulties.

Wii Fit is out May 19 in the US (I think?) and will probably be hard to find if you don't pre-order.

DDR definitely fits the bill (even more so than Wii Sports), but a warning--as I've said before in another thread some time ago, the Wii version of DDR is by far the most difficult of the seven versions I own. You will definitely get a workout with it, but be prepared.

And after a few months with Wii Sports I got lazy with it--I play tennis by doing little more than flicking my wrist.
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Boxing on Wii sports is fantastic if you are bad at it like me. I punch franticly at the screen and then, thirty minutes later, I am covered in sweat and exhausted.
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Seconding DDR - you'll work up a sweat, but you'll look ridiculous doing so. I'm always worried the neighbors are going to glance in our window at night and think I'm having a seizure.

I remember reading an article last year on Ars Technica. It pointed to a British study that claimed the calories burned playing the Wii were only greater than playing other systems' games. I think one of the points people have made is that it's possible to play tennis, for instance, like you're Bjorn Borg after a triple espresso or to sit on your couch casually flipping your wrist. So these games themselves might not lead to rapid weight loss, especially as you get more used to them.
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I'd echo that article that bibliowench mentioned. In the absence of Wii Fit and other games meant to give you a workout, you're going to notice that the better you get at a game, the less exercise you'll get while playing it. As munchingzombie implied, if you're not used to it or are compensating for inefficiency with the controls you'll flail around a lot, but the movements are much more controlled and minimal the better you get.
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The boxing game on Wii Sports makes me and my friends break a sweat pretty quickly.
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Seconding Boxing. You can play it by just making very short motions but most people go crazy with it.
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Seconding Wii Guitar Hero as a surprise source of sweat.
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Mario and Sonic Olympics has some games where you have the opportunity to move around a bit, but it's definitely not as intense as boxing in Wii Sports...

Oh my god, have you not tried the swimming events? They are way, way harder on your arms than mere Wii Sports boxing.
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Nthing the boxing game on Wii Sports if you get into it. That's the only one that's really done it for me so far. I'm looking forward to Wii Fit too.
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Sorry, DDR?
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DDR = Dance Dance Revolution
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Oh right. Duh.
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