What does being a fraud prevention specialist actually entail?
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Anyone here ever been a Fraud Prevention Specialist? What's the job actually like? I was doing some job searching and saw a posting for one, though it seems it's more geared towards online fraud and stuff.

First here are the requirements:

Strong computer literacy and knowledge of computer software (MS Office).

Analytical abilities are required to perform investigations.

Ability to work independently and without direction, to take initiative, and to make decisions.

Must be able to prioritize and meet deadlines.

Fraud or investigations experience in a call center or fraud operations environment preferred.

Candidate must have an excellent understanding of Internet browsing, and experience shopping on the Internet.

Professional demeanor in dealing with internal and external customers via phone and email is essential.

Two year degree preferred or prior experience in law enforcement and/or investigations.

And then the formal job description:

The Ideal candidate would review reports for potentially fraudulent transactions and manage calls on fraud issues from operational departments, investigating leads from internal and external sources with proper follow-up and documentation.

You would complete information requests and fraud tasks for assigned cases and provide superior customer service to internal and external customers.

You would also be responsible for making recommendations on how processes can be improved and policies modified. Answer policy questions and act as a help resource for the other fraud analysts.

I know it says it all there, but I'd like to get some input on those who were actually one. It doesn't sound too much that they're asking for, as far as basic requirements. It sounds interesting, and I'd probably apply, but I'd like some feedback first. Thanks.
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"Loss prevention" is retail codeword for not getting shit stolen from the store.
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Best answer: I was a fraud agent for Citi about eight years ago.

It mostly involved watching larger orders and sniffing them for suspicious details. A lot of the orders would ship to addresses that didn't match the billing info, or they'd go to a Mailboxes-type place, or the person on the credit report would have no idea an account existed.

It was a fun job that required a lot of sleuthing. If you want a repetitive, easy job that anyone can do, this isn't it. But if you want to be challenged and made to think about each suspected order, and save your company millions of dollars (which can be highly satisfying), then it could be a good fit.

...If what you're looking at is similar to what I did.
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