Finding interior design help that is not on cable television.
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How can I find design resources similar to the home design/interior design shows that are on cable television?

I have been very reflective about home styles and "how to" ideas in terms of interior design recently because I am on the verge of buying my first home. The problem is that there are some wonderful shows on cable television that offer this sort of thing regularly in half-hour segments, but I don't have cable television. I'd rather not get cable television if I can at all avoid it. How can I find resources online or otherwise that could help me get the same kind of help?

What I like about the shows that I've seen when at homes with cable television is that the shows are created for beginners. They show you the process and not just explain it to you. For example if they say that a mantle should be over the fireplace, they show you the general idea of how it is made and sometimes will show them going through the installation process. They also explain color schemes, or where to buy cheaper hacks for otherwise expensive furniture, and most importantly, before and after pics. Anyways, I am open to anything that any ideas for resources that any of you have found helpful. Thanks all!
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wow. I'm mid-DIY-renovation, myself, and Asparagirl just gave me surf material for the next month...and made it incredibly hard to add anything of note. I did click in to mention that a great many of those cable shows have segments posted on YouTube and I've had a fairly high amount of luck searching by project name.
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