identify the manufacturer of a colocation cabinet
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Telecom and networking nerd filter: I am trying to identify the manufacturer of a full height colocation cabinet which is divided into four compartments. It can be seen in partial view on the left side of the photo.

The photo came from the English language wikipedia page, and is an illustration of their server housing in Europe. I am aware of four different American manufacturers of cabinets with 3 compartments (typically 45U divided by 3), but I've never seen this particular model before. I am going to guess that is is manufactured somewhere in Europe and may be a brand I've never heard of. Does anyone recognize this photo?
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When I saw the photo, I thought they were made by Rittal, but the one on their site doesn't match your photo.
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Those look like Wrightline racks, their Vantage series. Wrightline and most vendors make custom racks so you may not be able to find them in a parts catalog. Verizon uses a specifically engineers rack in their facilities that you can't even get schematics for external to VzB.
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