Help me find some more of these blank writing journals?
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Where can I find a "Leatherlook Medium Brown Lined Journal" produced by Piccadilly Enterprises Inc.? ISBN: 978-1-57133-106-9

I picked up a blank journal from Half Price Books a few months ago and it has suited me well. It's the right size (5-6" x 8-9"), right feel (soft leather cover), and right style (no words or pictures on cover, lined one side of the page) for me. Alas, the only ones left at my local Half Price Books are all pink or baby-blue. I'd much rather find black or brown.

The company's website,, has info for bulk orders and I haven't been able to get them on the line. I found some via internet searching at Powell's, but I'd rather find a steady supply close to Fort Worth, TX. Calls to local shops have been fruitless or unhelpful.

I realize that I may be attached to this particular model mostly because of familiarity. I envision amassing several volumes and I'd like to keep them consistent. Suggestions for substitutes welcome.
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It looks like Powell's Books has eleven of them, for sale through Abebooks.

(I found it by searching for ISBN.)
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If you call or email the manufacturer, they should be able to tell you who carries the books near you.
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Suggestions for substitutes welcome.

Hmm, these are fairly well-known these days so odds are probably good you've already considered (and rejected?) them, but just in case you haven't, you might want to look into the Moleskine notebooks. Their Large Ruled Notebook seems to meet your criteria, they tend to be carried by most major booksellers these days, and while they can be a bit pricey you can sometimes find them on sale ... Personally I use the smaller-sized ones and love 'em.
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Thanks guys.

Sorry to be a niggler, but if you're going to take the time to answer a question, why not take the time to read it first? I'm sure I've been guilty of not reading in full too ;)

Zeph, thanks for the suggestion. I'll look around for them.
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Sorry. Reading questions is boring. Answering them is fun.
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