What's the best guide to Queens?
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What's the best guide to Queens for someone who lives there?

I've tried Not for Tourists, and though I found their Brooklyn guide to be great when I lived in Brooklyn, the Queens guide seems strangely off the mark (like, well, neglecting to include my subway stop on my neighborhood map. If they can't get that right, what else are they missing?).

Anybody else live in Queens and have a guide they like? I'm in Astoria, near the intersection of Broadway and Steinway, so I'd like one that's particularly helpful here, but I'm also looking to expand my knowledge of the rest of the borough.
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Best answer: Not a guidebook, but when I lived in that area, I found the Astorians message board pretty helpful.
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I'll second Astorians.com- a great place to go for the local news and gossip.
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Response by poster: What about for things beyond Astoria?
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Best answer: Have you ever seen the show "A Walk Through Queens" with David Hartman and Barry Lewis? Tons of great stuff on there, they even go into the Steinway factory and history, but it sounds like you are looking for something you could carry around and consult rather than watch.
Have you tried this book? Good luck!
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Forgotten New York (both the website and the book), are nifty...more on quirky history than actual stuff to do, though.
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