Hi, Need to get away in June
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Virginia Beach Hotels: best one for 50ish almost honeymooners? Googled to death....

We're both widowed and neither of us has been on a vacation in a looooong time. Looking for ocean view, balcony on the ocean, quiet time together. We're not the night life type, don't drink much. Want to RELAX, thanks.
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I can tell you not to stay in the Clarion. Other Clarions are relatively nice, but the one in VA Beach (on Atlantic, I think) is dirty, poorly maintained and noisy. It's also apparently a timeshare because they try to give you a sales pitch when you check in.

The other place I have stayed there is the Turtle Cay just across the street from the Clarion. I had a wonderful two room suite with a fireplace and a private patio overlooking the pool — the hotel was quiet, clean and very well-run. Their Web site makes it seem like it's on the ocean, but it's really a block away so it does not meet that criterion for you.
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The Hilton is considered the best, it is at 31st St. My mother claims it is expensive, but it's supposed to be great.

Wyndham Suites is also supposed to be good.
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I've heard bad things about the Clarion as well. Best if avoided.

The Hilton is by far the best hotel at the Oceanfront. The one problem with it as far as your criteria is concerned is that the bar and restaurant downstairs, Catch 31 is always packed, so you may not like it for that aspect. (I had my birthday party there Friday - lots and lots of fun, so I have to encourage you anyway). It's at the corner of Atlantic and Laskin, near the awesome statue of King Neptune. You'll love it.

For you I'm thinking the Sheraton meets your criteria. I myself have never stayed there, but friends who come into town have and they've not said anything bad about it. Although if you had to pick one off of the beach, definitely go with Turtle Cay, can't go wrong.
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Avoid the Cavalier at all costs. I cannot say enough bad things about it, and I can say a lot of bad things. ;)
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Having stayed at that particular Hilton, it is a lovely hotel, great common areas and a nice pool. Catch 31 has some of the best seafood around. I have heard that it is the best hotel in the area, and that may well be, but my husband and I were very disappointed. It was crowded and understaffed, and our room was far from clean. Additionally, once the weather is warm, hardly a week goes by that one festival or another is underway, and the beach is packed with carousing party people. Every night at that hotel, we were calling down to reception to please ask our neighbors to settle the hell down so we could get some sleep.
If you are looking for something laid back and quiet, I doubt that Virginia Beach would be your thing. If you do decide to stay at the Hilton, our beachfront room went for about US$ 220 a night.
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Thanks all, we decided to go to Ocean City, the one in MD.
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