Identify this vintage computer?
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I need a bit of help identifying this vintage computer and any value it might have.

I have this Control Data Corporation computer and it is taking up too much room. Before I drop it off at the electronic recycling bin, I thought it may have some value as I think it is from the 1970s.

I can find info about CDC, but I cannot find any information about this particular computer. I don't know the model number. All I can find is a tag on the backside which didn't offer much help via Google. The computer actually does still work. This is what the screen says when plugged in. Here is a pic of the control panel and the keyboard.

Is this just a hunk of junk, or would it have some value to someone on craigslist, ebay, etc.?
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I don't think it's a computer; all those controls on the panel are about data transfer. I think that makes it a dumb terminal, like the DEC VT100. This is probably a VT100 knockoff of some flavor.
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Yeah, dumb terminal probably.

Maybe somebody who made a fortune in the dot-com game has a sentimental attachment to it; it's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Try to figure out a model or part number, and put it on ebay.
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I agree that this is probably just a terminal. I doubt it has any monetary value, however that's not to say that somebody wouldn't have a use for it... if there are any computer museums in your area it wouldn't hurt to ask if they have any interest.
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You could put it on Ebay for $1 plus shipping. If it had value for someone, they would very likely pick up the shipping costs quite happily.
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It is indeed a terminal, and not a computer.

If you're feeling nostalgic, any modern Linux or Unix running on a PC with a serial port should be able to drive it.
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It's a terminal and it's probably worth $15-20. Put it on Ebay and let some Unix box adopt it.
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Awesome! It is indeed a terminal. My guess is it was made between 1979 and 1982. Control Data made mainframe computers that one interacted with via a terminal such as this one.

Its real value is probably about $20, maybe a little more to a Control Data afficianado.
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Yep, dumb terminal. I remember those from CompuCamp (!) as a kid.
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