Ergonomic keyboard with trackpoint?
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Where can I find an ergonomic keyboard with a trackpoint pointing device?

By 'ergonomic' I'm looking specifically for a split keyboard.

And by 'Trackpoint' I mean the eraser nub / pointing stick you find on some laptops between the 'G', 'H', and 'B' keys.

I'm looking for minimal movement of my wrist from keyboard to pointing device and, while I may be in the minority among my coworkers, I absolutely loathe touchpads.

Yes, this has been asked before but no such keyboard was found. I'm hoping in the 2 years since, a keyboard of these specifics has been released.
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Best answer: I couldn't find any split ergonomic keyboards with trackpoints, but I did find this
IBM keyboard with trackpoint that seems like what you might want, or at least a good compromise.
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Best answer: I was looking for something similar the other day (all day) with no success.
Trackpads seem to be everyone's answer.

Even made calls to IBM, as the Trackpoint was their invention. PR/Tech explained to me that: a trackpoint-type device is unlikely to be found on ergonomically split or curved keyboards, as its original intent was to allow cursor control from the center of the home row of a standard keyboard with minimal movement. As the home row for each hand is split down the middle and separated on an ergo keyboard, there's no place for a trackpoint.
Seems like the options are:
Settle for a trackpad
Home-rig a diassembled trackpoint, joypad, or trackball in between the sections of an ergo (I considered trying to figure out how to glue a MarbleMouse to my existing keyboard and learn to work it with my thumbs)
get a RollerMouse (which interested me, but my keyboard is on a tray, and the rollermouse dingus won't fit and so I'd have to redesign the whole workspace, yadda yadda. YMMV.

I'm staying tuned to your question....
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Response by poster:
As the home row for each hand is split down the middle and separated on an ergo keyboard, there's no place for a trackpoint
That makes no sense to me. If anything, there is MORE room for a trackpoint on an ergo.

I played around with the DIY method in my head but figure getting the placement just right and stable is more trouble than it's worth. Did a search for a stand-alone trackpoint device, too, but that turned up nadda.

Looks like I'll end up picking up one of these, which is the same keyboard as linked by InsanePenguin but with a number pad as well.

Apparently Lenovo/IBM isn't selling this keyboard anymore since it's not on their online shop, only the 'mobile' version without the number pad is still listed.
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