Canadian source for red (salmon) caviar
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Could someone please recommend a source for canned red (salmon) caviar which ships from within Canada?

Alas, the only form of red caviar available in Halifax groceries is dyed lumpfish roe. I teach a class in Russian culture, and would like to treat my students every now and again...
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Try the Russian food booth at the Halifax market every Saturday morning. All kinds of Russian food - maybe they have decent caviar, too, or know how to get it. It's in the part of the market that has Mary's Bread Basket in it, which people will be able to direct you to if you're not familiar with it.
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Response by poster: Thanks -- I tried there last autumn, but they did not have any in stock and couldn't provide me with the name of a supplier. I will check again, though. My hope is that someone in Montreal or Toronto or even Vancouver will have had experience with a supplier who ships.
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In that case, you may want to try Caviar Direct for good-quality Canadian caviar or the Caviar Centre for either Canadian or imported. Both located in Toronto, looks like both will ship. Keep in mind that there are sustainability issues with true Russian caviar.
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