Suggestions for ways to rev up the romance at home?
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Suggestions for fun/romantic nights at home?

I need some ideas/suggestions for fun/exciting/romantic activities to do at home with my partner. While the intent is that it would lead to great sex, fun without sex or just getting to know you better/feeling more intimate type of activity suggestions are also welcome. I'm mainly looking for suggestions for things my partner and I can do at home without having to arrange for a babysitter.

Posting anonymously because I feel lame about not being able to think of anything fun/romantic on my own, and I'd rather that my partner not know that I asking a bunch of internet nerds for romance tips.
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Karaoke Revolution (and I'm sure the newer Guitar Hero and Rock Band games). My wife and I had a blast singing against each other.
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Put the kid(s) to bed as early as you can manage. Make each other cocktails and play cards -- I'm partial to Gin Rummy) or a board game by candlelight. Taunt your partner suggestively. Have massage supplies handy should things head in that direction. Think of this all as foreplay.
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Have a "hotel at home" night. The other day, we were talking about going away for the weekend, but not wanting to spend the money on a hotel. I pointed out that we could spend an entire weekend in the guest room and formal living room, and it would be just like being at a hotel, because we're never in there. Put some supplied in the guest room (snacks, wine, whatever), order carry out, get some lotion for massages.... I thought it could be fun.
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fun: twister.. clothes optional? scavanger hunt with um.. "fun" clues and prizes, pillow fight?

romantic: follow the rosepetals to x place (bath, breakfast in bed, something sweet)
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Cooking together, making a late meal, something sumptuous and romantic. Add wine and clean the dishes in the morning.
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If you're a guy and she's a gal, clean the house as a surprise, or hire someone to do it. It's hard to feel sexy in a messy house, or when you've been cleaning all day.
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Getting into the shower together and first washing one another and then shampooing each other's hair is very soothing.
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Strip Scrabble. Question games ("Never Have I Ever," 20 Questions, etc). Writing down your answers to intimate ice breaker questions and then swapping sheets can be good. Sexy movies. Back rubs, scalp massages, or showers. Hair cuts even, if you're brave and trusting (definitely not for everybody!). Tracing words on each other's backs and then guessing what the word is. Yes, dinner and wine and doing the dishes the next day, not right after. Something about a hot kitchen makes people frisky!
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