How do I get old W2s?
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Tax Filter (surprise surprise!): I didn't pay my taxes in 2000 or 2004 and I need to get my hands on the W2s from those years.

I want to pay those taxes (mostly to fix my credit, although I doubt I owe much because I wasn't making much), but I need the W2s. The companies I worked for have already destroyed the W2s from 2000 and are lagging on getting the W2s from 2004. I went to the IRS website AND called the IRS to find out what forms I need to request those, and I have received several different answers. I have sent a check to them requesting the W2s, but have had it sent back to me several times, because I used the wrong form to request those W2s. Help! I just want good credit! And I was making less than $10k both of those years, if that makes a difference.
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Request a transcript of your W2 here:
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Yeah, I simply called the IRS main number and got several years of them without a problem. Didn't even need to fill out forms, just verify info on the phone that i was who i said I was, and bam, mailed right off. No cost, either.
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