What do to in Chicago on a lazy Friday?
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What can I do on an idle Friday in Chicago?

The Chicago Public School that I go to has a day off today, and I don't have anything to do. Remarkably, I don't have any homework. What can one do in Chicago on a decent Friday?
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Walking architecture tour of downtown!
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Response by poster: Maybe I should go over what people in my regular IRC channels have already suggested.

- Go on a walk: To where? I've been everywhere within 3 miles of my house and it's somewhat boring to go on walks now, to be brutally honest.

- Ride my bike: I stopped bike-riding after hitting an old lady.

- Car: I don't yet have a license.

- Ride the L: This would work out well - one can ride it for hours on $2 by transferring. Still, it's not something to do so much as a means.

- Program a microcontroller: While I have some sitting around, I haven't the slightest idea how to program one.

- Try and meet geek girls: Where? I'd love to do this if I could.
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Where in Chicago are you?
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Response by poster: I'm in Westridge / West Rogers Park.
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You are in a unique position to recreate as much of Ferris Bueller's Day Off as possible.
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Ok, first of all, start riding your damn bike again. Just be more careful. Yeesh. I don't care if you freaking maimed or killed her, if they haven't jailed you you should *definitely* be using a bike if you live in Rogers Park (Not sure what Westridge designates... west of Ridge avenue I guess?)

Ride your bike down the lake shore. Ride down to the Indiana border. Stop at a beach, grab some lunch when you feel like it. If you see an elotero vendor buy one.

Find the ancient Roman column just north of Solider Field donated to the City as a gift from Mussolini (yes, that Mussolini).

Look at the Carbon and Carbide building, one of my faves.
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Sox play tonight at 7:11. Or you could root for whomever the Cubs are playing.
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Best answer: Fly a kite or play frisbee in Grant Park, or just at any beach.

Hop on the "L" and stop at every station and take a picture. Post it to flickr.

Go to the downtown subway stations and listen to the musicians. Give them a buck. Especially around Washington and nearby stops.
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Best answer: Your local library branch has free museum passes if you're a Chicago resident with a library card (art institute, museum of modern art, shedd). Some of the bettter ones are taken on the weekends, but you'd probably have a pretty good selection. I'm also a fan of wandering around the LP zoo. On the way, the austrian bakery on clark (just before fullerton) has really good cake (double chocolate or opera), or you could hit up intelligenstia /argo on broadway. Both are easily accessible by the 151/22 buses. There's also just taking a digital camera and taking pictures.
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So you're on the North Side — maybe spend some time on the South Side today. Pilsen/Little Village?
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Best answer: Take a friend and check out all the Indian, Paki, and Orthodox shops on Devon Avenue. Start at Kedzie and walk east to Western. Now I'm going to send you on a long and complicated bus ride. You need to get to Oakton and McCormick-- take the Western bus north to Howard and then the 97 north and west to McCormick. Get out and walk up the 2-mile long sculpture park along McCormick Blvd. At the end of the sculpture park is an Arboretum and Ecology Center (at Bridge Street in Evanston). From here I don't know the bus routes, but you're less than 1 mile from downtown Evanston. Ask if there's a bus or just walk (hey, you're young!) down Emerson to Sherman and find a coffee shop where you can ogle the college boys (or girls, as is your preference) There are 3 Starbucks, a Border's, a Barnes & Noble, a Peet's, a Cosi, Mozart Cafe, and kaffein all within a 4-block square area. Take the L home from Davis Street.

Can I come with?
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As far as walks, you could take the bus down to about Addison on Clark or Broadway (or Irving) and then walk all the way to LP zoo or the North Ave Beach. That's my long normal walk.
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Response by poster: The ideas here that I'm considering are getting a kite and flying it, and going to the zoo. Nax's suggestions are all good, but I've done them all before.
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got $11 go the Brookfield Zoo?

Don't have it? Go the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Look at Penguins.
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Response by poster: Alright, I'm leaving for the zoo in an hour or two. Any further suggestions before I'm off?
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Go to the 92nd floor bar in the John Hancock building, blow that $11 on a margarita, nestle yourself in a dark corner and get high on the view.
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Correction: 95th floor!
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Visit the Sulzer branch library? Its not too far from you and its one of my favorite spots on the northside. Its in the lincoln sq area so you can waltz through Welles park and walk northward to Quake Collectables and look at some fun geeky toys and get a sandwich at Costello's. See a movie at the theater there.

Considering how warm it is the lakefront might be more fun. Take the L downtown and go to the field and shedd.

Go to the lincoln park zoo. Its free.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. The zoo was a pile of fun and happiness.
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