What Roman philospher does Arturus refer to in King Arthur? Is he real?
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So I've just seen King Arthur (the one in theatres now) — and for the record, it was a fun flick... nothing to write home about, mind you, but fun all the same.

Anyway, Arturus refers to and quotes a Roman philosopher (his name starts with "P") several times... so here's my question: what was the philosopher's name, and was he a real person?
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I haven't seen the movie, but I betcha they refer to Pliny the elder, who was a historian (or encyclopedist) not a philosopher.
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Sorry, funkbrain, it wasn't Pliny... I would have remembered Pliny (and IIRC the name had more syllables).

Thanks, though.
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The reference was Palagius, and a quick Google skim seems to indicate he was a real person.
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Yep, real person, notable mainly for his semi-rejection of the notion of original sin and generally pissing off Augustinians. Not, as far as I know, all that interested in universal human rights or equality.
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Thanks everyone!

From that name, I found this interesting wikipedia article on Pelagius.
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The film was wrote by the guy that did Gladiator, so he knows his stuff, as such things go in screenwriter-land.

I pretty much didn't care for the film, mostly because of the mind-numbingly pointless battle scenes. And other reasons.
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> Arturus

Do they call him Arturus in the movie? The nearest thing we have to a historical reference to Arthur (Nennius, Historia Brittonum) calls him Artorius.
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