MacPro Dual DVi->VGA problem with the Quadra 4500
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MacPro Leopard 10.5.2, Problems with the Quadro FX 4500 card. It has dual DVI ports. It'll run 2 DVI devices when it's DVI to DVI, but it won't run the same two screens if they go via VGA (both DVI ports having a DVI to VGA adapter). The second port (port 2) has the screen detected in the Displays System Preferences but the screen never lights up. Yes, I know all about DVI extenders, etc; I need the VGA to work.
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Are you sure both DVI ports are capable of DVI-I, which is what you need if a simple wiring adapter is going to turn it into VGA? If one of your DVI ports is DVI-D only, it's not going to work. I've seen this more than once with dual-DVI-output video cards.

More at Wikipedia.
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