laser cutters or metal casters near san francisco?
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Does anyone have any personal experience with laser-cutting or metal-casting companies in or around San Francisco?

I have some items I need produced, but google is turning up a bunch of companies with frustratingly generic web pages and I can't find much to go on. This is probably a long shot, but... any recommendations?
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TechShop might have what you need at least for laser cutting. It's DIY though and their Epilog Helix laser cutters don't do metal. They do have a computer controlled plasma cutter for metal.

They're also pretty knowledgeable and can probably tell you if someone else can help you.
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Jamie Zawinsky recently used Laser Alliance for his laser-produced signage.
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I know two people that worked at Wyman-Gordon. One person was a product engineer but doesn't work there anymore. If you want to talk to him, let me know. It's a good company, but may be more than you need. He might know of some other options for you.
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these folks in santa rosa do laser die-cutting:

i don't know what else they cut besides paper, but i assume such other cuttings are done.
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