How to get a .tv domain?
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What's the best way to get a .tv domain without paying too much? I already have a hosting account on so I want register the domain and then transfer it to bluehost. Which registrar should I use?

Sites like channelme don't spell out their deals so I don't want to fall victim to a bad deal. I thought perhaps some of the veteran web gurus here might know the best way to secure a .tv domain.
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From what I've seen, .tv retails for anywhere between 30-40 bucks. If you pay more, you're paying too much. Most registrars offer them, so I'd start at whatever registrar you already have domains through and go from there.

The nifty thing is, you can register your domain anywhere and host it anywhere else. Just call bluehost and ask them to provide you with their nameservers (they'll give you at least two). When you're registering the domain or at some point after it's registered, you can apply those nameservers to the domain to point it back to your hosting provider.

One little thing that I see alot of people flub on. Be sure to remember that you have to renew your hosting and your domain registration each year. Forgetting one or the other will cause you no end of problems.
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I should clarify. 30-40 bucks per year.
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GoDaddy will register it for $20. Or maybe cheaper if you go with them for a few years. I've had a good experience with them so far. They'll also host it cheaply if you're open to changing your host.
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