help me find the right printer to make some stickers
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help me find the right printer to make some stickers

I would like to print a couple of stickers.

They're fairly simple - one color, white type, much like the stuff you see on the design police website, though all my stickers should be the same size.

I would like to give the printer an A4 or 8.5x11 illustrator file, have them print the page on adhesive paper and precut the stickers so that they're easy to peel off individually. I'm hoping to fit 16 or 24 stickers onto a page and I am fine using a template if that makes it cheaper.

The idea is to hand out a page to everyone at the office and a couple of friends, so this is probably a rather small run that should be somewhat cost-effective.

any recommendations? (UK, US... all good)
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Response by poster: addendum: moo doesn't cut it.
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I've had good luck with Contagious Graphics (recommended to me by Richard Stevens, who prints a ton of stickers). Their "bulk" stickers should work fine for your application.
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I've never used 'em myself, but I've heard good things about Stickerguy.
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Get a P-Touch by Brother. I recently got the PT2700 and love it. It has included software that allows you to design your own stickers, save'm, and print'em out on demand. The PT2700 can do stickers and labels up to 1 inch tall, so should work for most of your label needs.

The only downside is that you wouldn't have a sheet of stickers to hand out.
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Response by poster: oh no, I'm afraid a labeler won't do it.
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