Who will clean my (suede) bag?
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I've got a great new suede laptop bag, which I managed to get very very dirty last night (long story). Where should I go to get it cleaned? Dry cleaners around where I live say they don't do bags, and searching the yellow pages has proved fruitless.
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I'd try contacting the company that makes the bag and ask if they have suggestions.
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Oh, also, you might ask a local shoe repair place, since they deal a lot with suede.
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If you're in or near New York City, the following have been recommended in New York Magazine, Time Out New York, etc. for leather cleaning and restoration:

Art Bag, 735 Madison Avenue, 212-744-2720
Modern Leather Goods, 2 West 32nd Street, 212-947-7770
Precision Leather Crafters, 73-34 Bell Blvd., Bayside, Queens 718/465-3661
R&S Cleaners, 176 2 Ave. @ 11 212/475-9412
Superior Leather Restorers, 133 Lex @ 29 212/889-7211
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Response by poster: ah. i'm in London, England. But thanks!
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Shit, I was going to recommend Perry Process Cleaners on E 74th in NYC. A large cup of hot chocolate was dumped into my black suede Bottega Veneta hobo bag. The bag was perfect when I got it back. If you run out of options in London, maybe someone could do the legwork for you in NY?
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Depending on what we're talking here - Colorado has a really neat suede cleaner. (Yeah nobody cleans boots either... What the hell DO they clean then??)
(Oh and Rivers has one that's a similar type thing.. but there's no need for us both to make that mistake!!)

Get a soft/old toothbrush ect. and use short flicky strokes to dislodge as much filth as you can. As long as you take care not to grind in the dirt or rake at it - it will help.
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