How to surmount the enormous obstacle of text color?
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Form Controls in Word 2007: OK, I created a form with Rich Text and Drop-Down List controls. The controls appear within a table. The question is, how do I get the resulting text (once the form is filled in) to appear in black, not gray?

No matter what I try, it seems the best consistent result I can get is to change the default prompt text (i.e. "Click here to enter text") within the control to black -- which still results in gray text as soon as something is entered. This should be a simple thing to accomplish, but my usual resourcefulness has failed me.
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I tried a test document with a table and controls, and the font color is black.

Are you sure your table is in the document body, and not the header or footer? Does it look gray when printed, or on the screen? Which view are you using?
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Response by poster: SuperSquirrel: Yes, the table is in the document body. I was able to make some of the controls display black text after input has been submitted, but not all of them. It's gray on the screen (in comparison to the few black cells), as well as in the print preview, but I have not printed yet. I've been working in the Print Layout view.

Next thing I'm going to try: putting characters before and after the controls, highlighting them all, and selecting black as the text color.

Thanks for taking a stab at this. Any recommendations?
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